We assist non-EU citizens with applications for work permits, temporary residence, business in the Slovak Republic

and the extension, renewal or cancellation of their registration

Our concern is to fulfill the legal formalities and to ensure the comfort of our clients when relocating to Slovakia.

At our company, we strive to process visa and work permit applications for employees who want to work in Slovakia safely and quickly. Whether you are a company that employs foreign workers, a recruitment agency or an individual, we can help you manage the bureaucratic processes without any worries.

  • We save you time and effort
  • Our goal is to be your partner you can rely on
  • We provide 24/7 advice and help you with any questions or problems that may arise

Hodnotenie našich klientov

  • Based on the cooperation in mediation of the workers from abroad we confirm, that all agreed conditions with EUROPERSONAL/EPF Group, a.s. were fulfilled and delivered on time within the agreed dates and numbers of the workers. As well as the documentation needed for their legalization and the visa were provided with no delays.
    We evaluate very positively the assistance in the field of recruitment, legalization, employment and support of workers from third countries. Therefore we recommend the partnership with the company EUROPERSONAL/EPF Group, a.s. We also perceive the recruitment of workers from Slovakia as very effective, both in terms of the number of workers delivered and their quality. The company's approach to employee care and their motivation and support is very professional.
    Peter Benda
    DHL EXEL Slovakia, s.r.o.